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    Salsify Releases Commerce Experience Workflow Library for the Digital Shelf, Decreasing Time to Publish by up to 40%

    Prebuilt workflows make it easy for brands including Nourison to adopt best practices for publishing product content

    BOSTON, Mass., – June 22, 2021 –

    Salsify, the Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) platform that helps brands and retailers win on the digital shelf, today announced the release of an exclusive workflow library stocked with pre-built templates capable of helping brands improve the operational efficiency of publishing product content by up to 40 percent. A brand's ability to decrease the time to publish is critical to winning the retail algorithms that determine who is successful on the digital shelf. 

    Salsify’s workflow features and capabilities are built on best practices learned from working with hundreds of global brands, from CPG to durables, medical, and apparel. The latest update is a set of pre-built workflows that come installed for every Salsify customer with a predefined series of tasks. These workflows can then serve as a blueprint for creating customized, automated processes for brands to publish product content.

    “Having a place to accurately store and feed our growing amount of product content has tremendous benefit because it gives us a structure that allows us to manage our accounts, as opposed to just managing the data itself,” says Giovanni Marra, director of marketing & digital strategy at Nourison, a soft floor coverings and home accessories company and a Salsify customer. 

    Workflows are effective at decreasing the time to publish because they allow brands to scale the process of introducing new products and the end-to-end product enrichment process. With Salsify’s new pre-built workflows, customers can easily activate and automate tasks, and alert colleagues to the action they need to take as a product moves through the publishing process. Additionally, customers can set up conditional triggers for future actions and customize workflows, creating scalable, repeatable processes.

    The initial set of pre-built workflows addresses the following four critical processes:

    1. Marketing Content Refresh to quickly refresh copy and images when product requirements change
    2. New Product Introduction to set up a new item in Salsify for syndication
    3. Keyword Enrichment to improve the SEO of a product page based on Salsify Insights, their proprietary digital shelf analytics solution
    4. Asset Usage Rights Management to manage the digital asset permissions for Salsify users

    Each of these pre-built workflows can be modified by customers to suit their specific needs, and can be used as templates to build repeatable, scalable processes throughout the entire organization.

    “Our workflow capabilities are the result of in-depth research to identify and streamline publishing processes for our customers. Recognizing that every brand is unique, pre-built workflows can serve as the backbone for critical publishing processes while affording customers the flexibility they need,” said Todd Buffum, product manager, Salsify.

    More pre-built workflows will be added to the Library over time, with the next set of templates expected to be released later this year.

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