Integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud + Salsify for increased flexibility.

Deliver the digital experience your shoppers demand by demonstrating the true breadth and depth of your product assortment.

If you use Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), formerly Demandware, to power your ecommerce site today, then you already know how important a direct-to-consumer channel is for your brand. In fact, two-thirds of all U.S. consumers expect direct connectivity to the brands they buy from. Get the most out of your SFCC investment by connecting it to a powerful, flexible source of product information.

Salsify is a trusted and experienced integration partner for SFCC. Our team of solutions engineers can help you scope an integration between Salsify and SFCC that is tailored to your specific configurations and needs.

Salsify customers have invested in integrations in order to:

  • Publish Master Catalog & Site Catalog(s) housed within Salsify
  • Streamline editing and maintenance of SFCC StyleColor (Parent/Master) and SKUs (Children/Variant)
  • Intelligently and dynamically add products to SFCC categories
  • Manage Salsify users seamlessly and assign permissions on properties
  • Merchandise at the SKU level with more flexibility


How we work

Rather than offering an “out of the box” solution that may only work for the latest version or specific data model, we instead approach these integrations as custom projects. This ensures that the channels built in Salsify are exactly what you are looking to use. Learn more.

Salsify is the product experience management platform for thousands of brand manufacturers worldwide.

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