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    Amazon Selling Partner API

    Keep up with the changing demands of your consumers and keep your brand on the cutting edge of eCommerce by leveraging the latest innovations from Amazon. Learn more about what the new Amazon Selling Partner API means for your business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the new Amazon Selling Partner API?

    This new API is a new direct connection to Amazon that provides a unified syndication service to all Amazon sellers. This new API will provide the following benefits:

    • Faster publishing to Amazon for all sellers (consumables, softlines, hardlines)
    • Real-time data requirement updates via the Salsify Readiness Report
    • Partial content refresh; no longer need to validate full product catalog
    • Image submissions with in-app feedback
    • Support for syndicating Supplier Pack Hierarchy (SPH) attributes
    • Global availability and 3P sellers will be supported in 2022
    Will all regions be supported by this new API?

    By the end of 2021, global regions that we currently support in other syndication paths (Canada and EU-6) will be supported. We will explore additional regions in 2022.


    Can we still use the Amazon Feed Specifications API to publish to Amazon? Why do we need to migrate to the new Selling Partner API?

    All Amazon vendors who leverage the Amazon Feed Specification (AFS) API (in the durables category) must migrate to the new API in order to continue publishing content to Amazon. Amazon recently announced that the AFS API will be deprecated on February 28, 2022 and will no longer be available to publish content beginning on that date.


    Which Salsify customers are impacted by the changes coming with the Selling Partner API?

    All customers who syndicate to Amazon are impacted. 3P sellers (currently using the Marketplace Web Services connection) are not yet supported. Support for 3P selling will become available in 2022.


    Our brand sells in the Consumables categories. Why should we use this new API?

    Consumables customers have not had an API that connects to Amazon. This new API provides much faster publishing and real-time content feedback in the Readiness Report. You will also be able to submit partial content refreshes and images in-app.


    We don’t sell on Amazon yet, but it’s a channel we’d like to explore. What’s the best way to get started?

    For those not yet selling on Amazon, the simplicity and power of this unified connection means there has never been a better (or more important) time to leverage the opportunities of becoming an Amazon seller.

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