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    AI Ecommerce for the Digital Shelf | At the Whiteboard

    Unleash Your Long-Tail Products

    There is a lot of confusion and lost opportunity between the hype, hope, and reality of what artificial intelligence (AI) could do.

    Rob Gonzalez, Salsify co-founder and CMO, is back in the latest installment of our "At the Whiteboard" video series to discuss AI ecommerce, including how it can help you drive business impact at your organization.

    From increased efficiency to better product page performance using a test-and-learn approach to AI, there is a wide range of actions you could take to get started.

    AI for product experience management (PXM) has a ton of promise to dramatically transform every stage of the product content lifecycle, including:

    • Data modeling
    • Content creation
    • Data quality
    • Data mapping
    • Publication

    Gonzalez breaks out not only a future vision of the impact of AI ecommmerce, but also specific areas where you can get started today.

    Watch now to learn how to drive real value for your organization while keeping humans in the loop. Early adopters have an edge, and there are low-risk, high-reward options you can begin rolling out now.