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    Salsify Enhanced Content

    Salsify Enhanced Content enables brands to create authentic, engaging, below-the-fold product experiences that increase conversion.

    Watch our on-demand product demo to learn how to:

    • Build dynamic Enhanced Content layouts across your product portfolio;
    • Customize layouts with a variety of content types; and
    • Visualize content coverage and view product detail page (PDP) impressions data to inform your future publishing strategies.

    What's the top reason shoppers abandon a sale? For 58% of consumers worldwide, it's a lack of product information or details, according to 2023 Salsify consumer research.

    Engaging product content guides customers through the shopping journey and is essential for driving conversion.

    PDPs with Enhanced Content see 15% higher conversion on average compared to pages without it, according to Salsify internal data.

    Deliver winning product experiences across the digital shelf with Salsify Enhanced Content.

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