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    Ventana 2023 PXM Value Index: Salsify's Presentation, Roadmap, and Demo


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    Ventana is conducting the 2023 PXM Value Index, and Salsify has completed its RFP and presentation — would you like to see it?

    You’re in for a particularly interesting session. It’s the first time an analyst firm has used the terminology, Product Experience Management ("PXM"), in place of Product Information Management ("PIM"). This change impacted the RFP from Ventana as well as our own presentation. We’re thrilled to plant a stake in the ground for what PXM really is, how it differs from PIM, and the future of the category.

    We thought you, our trusted partners, would find value in seeing the presentation and being able to ask live questions to help you develop your own sales pitches and expertise.

    You'll see the exact presentation from Rob Gonzalez, Salsify's co-founder, including our vision for the PXM category — which isn't in other marketing materials right now. You’ll also be taken through our 2023 Roadmap Highlights with Kelsey O’Brien, Sr. Product Manager, and a product demo, provided by Amanda Utstein, Sr. Sales Engineer, just as it was showcased to Ventana analysts.