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    Salsify Under the Hood

    Below is the Salsify: Under the Hood webinar series. Each video focuses on a featured Salsify product or feature as well as descriptions and examples of how these products help brands win on the digital shelf.

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    Salsify: Enhanced Content & Enhanced Content Analytics

    Salsify Enhanced Content brings high-quality content such as lifestyle imagery, videos, image carousels, comparison charts, and more to your PDP with customizable templates to build enhanced content at scale.

    Salsify: OpenAI

    OpenAI brings Generative AI to your content creation with the help of Sitation’s RoughDraftPro technology. Create product content at scale with artificial intelligence.

    Salsify: PIM for D2C

    Salsify’s product information management (PIM) platform enables brands to optimize their D2C channels.

    Salsify: Sites and Experiences

    Sites and Experiences allows you to provide rich, self-service access to curated product data from a trusted PIM data source.