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    Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I): Leading With Equity

    Salsify’s committed to building a company where equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) are integral parts of our company culture and DNA. We published our inaugural ED&I report in 2021, which set goals for where we wanted the future to be.

    Our latest report shares updates on our progress, as well as insights into our goals for 2022, our strategy for meeting these goals, and data on representation in our workforce.

    Download the 2022 report to gain these insights, and learn about Salsify’s commitment to making our company an equitable, diverse, and inclusive place for all who work here.

    What's Inside?

    • Uncover the latest insights into Salsify’s ED&I strategy.
    • See our breakdown of the 2023 Salsify focus areas.
    • Explore Salsify workforce representation data.

    “We care deeply about our teammates, our customers, and the product that we build. When it comes to prioritizing those, we put our people first. This shows up consistently at Salsify in how we lead through change with empathy.”

    — Jason Purcell
    Co-Founder and CEO at Salsify 

    “The people closest to the problems have the most relevant information and are in the best position to do what is right — and they need to be able to do so quickly and confidently for us to grow rapidly and lead the large market we are making.”

    — Rob Gonzalez
    Co-Founder and CMO at Salsify

    “Growth is really hard, and to win together as one team, we each need to be able to focus while relying on one another's strengths to succeed.”

    — Jeremy Redburn
    Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer at Salsify

    Download the Report

    Explore our commitment to building a culture of inclusion and learning.