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    Petco Uses Enhanced Content to Optimize Its Product Content Strategy

    The leading pet supply chain empowers vendors to drive growth by optimizing enhanced content production.

    For decades, Petco has been a staple in pet care. Not only does Petco sell pet food and supplies, but it’s also branched out into training, grooming, and veterinary care to help provide pet owners with everything they need for pet health and wellness.

    In some ways, being multichannel is part of Petco’s history. It started as a mail-order veterinary supply company at its founding in 1965 — and didn’t open its first brick-and-mortar store until 1976.

    While modern omnichannel shopping experiences are a far cry from 1970s-era mail-order shopping, Petco knows it needs to constantly evolve to meet the needs of remote customers.



    Pet parents searching for the best pet supplies need detailed enhanced content, also called rich media or below-the-fold content, to feel confident that they’re making the right purchasing choices.

    Petco wanted to scale the use of enhanced content on its site, but it recognized that it didn’t have the in-house resources to make that happen.

    Petco turned to Salsify for a product content strategy solution. Its goal was to help all the brands that sell on to leverage enhanced content in a consistently effective way.



    Bringing Enhanced Content to Every Vendor

    With Salsify’s help, Petco took a phased approach to roll out enhanced content improvements, starting with vendors who just needed help optimizing existing content and continuing to small brands who had never worked with enhanced content before.

    Petco also had the opportunity to launch enhanced content for its own brands.

    Thanks to Petco’s support and Salsify’s technology, brands that previously hadn’t had the resources to invest in enhanced content could now leverage it effectively.


    A Trusted Implementation Partner

    The Salsify support team worked right beside the Petco team throughout each implementation phase. Petco met with Salsify weekly at the beginning of their partnership and only gradually decreased meetings as their internal team grew more confident.

    Thanks to the help of their Salsify support team, Petco was able to launch its new enhanced content-driven product content strategy on deadline and in a way that drives results.



    Growing to Over 2,500 Enhanced Content SKUs

    Since launching with Salsify, the number of SKUs with enhanced content on has grown from 600 to over 2,500.

    Not only that, but Petco has now begun to establish best-in-class standards for enhanced content to support its smaller vendors. Additionally, Petco started providing resources and webinars to its vendors to help them boost their own sales with optimized product content strategies.

    Quarter-Over-Quarter Growth

    Improved use of enhanced content has led to demonstrably higher conversion rates. Since launching on Salsify, Petco has seen quarter-over-quarter growth, with minor changes in product detail page (PDP) content adding up to make a big difference.

    In the process, Petco gained the ability to track and measure how its enhanced content performs, collecting learnings that can ultimately drive even higher conversion rates.



    "We knew that we couldn't hit those [enhanced content] goals quickly enough without bringing on a third-party partner. Bringing on Salsify was a really great addition to the Petco ecosystem to get all of the content that we want across [all] brands."

    - Ellen Walsh, Ecommerce Analytics and Strategy Manager, Petco








    "Salsify can really understand our business needs and help us to grow that partnership where it means the most."

    - Ellen Walsh, Ecommerce Analytics and Strategy Manager, Petco








    "Having access to the Salsify platform — and really being able to control when we update something and how — has been extremely helpful as we continue to collect learnings on what makes the most sense from a conversion rate standpoint."

    - Ellen Walsh, Ecommerce Analytics and Strategy Manager, Petco





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