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    Lagardère Travel Retail Leverages Salsify Product Data Standardization Capabilities

    The travel retail brand optimizes its partners’ product data to improve collaboration between teams.

    About Lagardère Travel Retail

    Lagardère Travel Retail is a 171-year-old global company that operates stores and restaurants across all commercial sectors.

    The retailer has more than 2,000 stores in 42 countries and a market presence in the U.S., Europe, China, and beyond. It partners with suppliers, distributors, and fellow retailers.

    Lagardère Travel Retail specializes in retail activities for travelers in transport facilities like train stations, airports, and ships.

    It’s one of the market leaders in travel essentials, including food service; newspapers and magazines; books; duty-free goods; and convenience items sold in dedicated stores and specialist outlets, such as perfume stores.

    In 2021, the company experienced a €710 million turnover.

    Lagardère Travel Retail’s network of more than 1,000 stores and restaurants, 114 hospitals, 26 airports, and 291 train and subway stations has highly diverse points of sale, product categories, and product attributes. In total, these channels account for 2.2 million items.

    As a global company, it faces the challenges of differing legislation, opening hours, languages, suppliers, prices, and customs tariff schedules. 

    Lagardère Travel Retail works with suppliers of all sizes — from small Italian cheesemakers to large French food companies — all with varying degrees of data digitalization maturity. They don't always have all their product data on hand, especially if products are sold in other countries.

    Collecting and updating product data, as well as enriching the content and maintaining the quality of information, are operational and strategic priorities. Data must always be accurate, especially in light of new legal restrictions and corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues, such as recyclability, energy efficiency, and others, for electronic devices. 

    Lagardère Travel Retail also has an omnichannel strategy with services, such as reserve and collect; buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS); and buy now, pick up on return (BOPOR), which allows customers to make a purchase before departure and collect their goods upon return. The expansion of these services means that enhanced data needs to be available across all of these different web interfaces. 

    Websites must often be multilingual, and their product information must always be up to date. The company's objective is to offer its customers an exceptional shopping experience tailored to the needs of travelers.

    "Salsify helps us to collect and standardize product data using a single platform."

    Eric Pichavant, Head of MDM Department, Lagardère Travel Retail

    Salsify Improves Product Data Standardization for Suppliers and Retailers 

    Salsify offers retailers and suppliers an efficient data collection tool and improved mandatory and discretionary product attributes. Stakeholders benefit from optimized product data management and greater awareness of quality issues and the consequences of errors and anomalies in product information.

    Lagardère Travel Retail Improves and Maintains the Quality of Its Product Data

    Salsify Product Experience Management (PXM) allows Lagardère Travel Retail to maintain high-quality product data at all times. 

    The company uses a range of indicators to create a product page, carrying out monthly audits with corporate and local teams to analyze, monitor, and track: 

    • Assessment criteria; 
    • Request response times;
    • Critical fields and data;
    • The number of tickets opened to spot anomalies in pricing or searchability; and 
    • Any changes made.

    Lagardère Travel Retail has replaced its Excel spreadsheets with Salsify PXM. Processes for managing, collecting, and using product data are now optimized. This shift benefits supplier teams and local teams (working in a single national market); master data and category managers; and pricing and merchandising teams. 

    Improving Collaboration Between Internal and External Teams

    Salsify PXM allows Lagardère Travel Retail to monitor and check data. The platform’s workflow capabilities facilitate collaboration, and its expanded implementation of GS1 standards and data standardization avoids unnecessary back and forth communication.

    Lagardère Travel Retail can optimize relations between retailers and suppliers by tracking various key performance indicators (KPIs). Sharing information with suppliers also improves data collection, which creates higher-quality data and drives increased sales. 

    Enriching Content in a Flexible, Scalable Way

    Salsify PXM factors in the specific features of each category of goods. Textiles, for example, require specific product data like size and color codes. Toys, on the other hand, require minimum ages. All the data displayed on the products is available for consumers to view on the websites.

    For product data that’s helpful to buyers but isn’t mandatory, Lagardère Travel Retail can add new attributes and enrich the content in response to new consumer expectations and trends. The platform has the flexibility and scalability to cope with growing volumes of product data. The various websites offer comprehensive product pages to improve travelers' customer experience.

    "Salsify helps us to collect and standardize product data using a single platform."

    Eric Pichavant, Head of MDM Department, Lagardère Travel Retail

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