Beyond PIM for B2B Industrial Manufacturers


There is now one interconnected digital shelf for buyers to discover, research and shop for your products.

B2B buyers want to explore products online, find the most up-to-date digital catalogs, review specifications, and compare options.

Distributors are launching ecommerce sites and marketplaces at a rapid pace, moving beyond traditional, local branch-based distribution.

You must provide in-depth and up-to-date product content for the entire channel, including distributors, manufacturer reps, customer service and sales to stay competitive.

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Salsify Product Experience Management

Salsify’s product experience management (PXM) combines a comprehensive set of core data services built on a flexible architecture to drive growth and revenue.

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Purpose-built Digital Shelf Management for Manufacturers

Manufacturers’ product content resides along the digital shelf in various formats in all channels - distribution, reps, internal, and Internet of Things (IOT). Customers make decisions to buy from channels based on that content. When a customer searches the distributor's site, the page and position of the product can make or break a sale.

Manufacturers need control

Manufacturers need to control brand and content within the channel and optimize that information to outrank competitors. Manage your digital shelf to:
  • Enrich product content and digital assets
  • Syndicate to every channel
  • Analyze performance to improve and optimize for sales
  • Maintain data governance at scale

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manufacturers need control


Salsify’s PXM For Industrial Manufacturers


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Products only matter if distributors and end customers see them. Salsify’s core data management and channel-specific activation services are tied together within a single platform. Manufacturers can connect core data with partners and customers across the entire digital ecosystem.

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Digital Shelf Analytics

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Optimize performance, product ranking, and sales. Salsify’s digital shelf analytics give manufacturers a holistic view of performance connected to content, syndication, and inventory management. Understand what’s working in the channel and use workflows to improve what’s not. Automated insights reports streamline the entire sales improvement process.

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Salsify’s PIM for manufacturers provides control and flexibility to meet business needs including taxonomy, enrichment, digital assets, inventory and customer data. It enables filtering and search, validation capabilities and fast data imports. The platform workflow allows users to create and edit content, as well as editable product attribution, validation rules, inheritance rules, and entities.

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Deliver consistent above-the-fold and below-the-fold rich content that expresses the value of your brand, adapts to new channel requirements, and improves conversion. Salsify’s DAM gives manufacturers a single, central view for data and digital assets with validation, versions, and auditing. Manufacturers can manage essential elements of the product experience, product drawings, spec/data sheets, MSDS, images, comparison charts, compelling copy and videos, all in one place.

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Data Governance

PIM Data Governance and Speed

No more sifting through spreadsheets trying to identify what attributes, fields, or assets are missing or not up to par. Salsify’s Data Governance enables a manufacturer's content team to manage product rules and validations at scale. Use validation capabilities, attribute-level checks against internal schemas, and inheritance rules without sacrificing agility and speed.

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Thousands of brands across all major industrial and retail categories trust Salsify with their digital shelf.