A PIM Built for Commerce

A One-Minute Success Story

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Core Platform

Load data on Day 1 without needing to agree on a model before import


Bridge process gaps with a drag and drop workflow builder

Core Platform

Drive revenue & reduce risk by governing data against internal & external standards with Salsify’s product readiness grid

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Leverage our Customer Success Team’s e-Commerce and Data Management expertise to win on the digital shelf

It became very clear, very quickly that the traditional PIMs were not a good fit for us, they were too complicated. We’ve found Salsify to be an effective solution for us.

Frank Wiggins

Prior to Salsify, we were seriously lacking in organization of that content. Our team faced inefficiencies and couldn’t effectively distribute our product information to retail partners and into sales channels. Now, our entire team has up-to-date access to our product content wherever they are, and that’s a very powerful tool.

Sarah Krampe
Digital Marketing Team Leader

I see Gerson utilizing Salsify more and more from both a research and sales standpoint by being able to filter our database. There’s so much more the platform can do than just fuel immense e-commerce growth

Orin Borgelt
Chief Technology and Sales Officer
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Core Platform

Accelerate time to market with a native SaaS platform

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Multi-lingual support

Ensure Global Governance and local control by managing content in multiple languages and for multiple geographies

You have 2 minutes or less to win a sale online. Once our data was clean and we didn’t have the constant fire drills we could think bigger picture. Salsify’s technical and customer support is integral to our success
Teresa Bonnell
VP Finance & Operations

The world’s most iconic brands run on Salsify's PIM