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    IndiePet Simplifies Pet Product Information Management with Salsify-Powered Open Catalog

    IndiePet's Open Catalog, powered by Salsify, marks a transformative shift in the pet industry and ushers in a new era of product content collaboration

    BOSTON – November 8, 2023 – Salsify, the Product Experience Management (PXM) platform empowering brand manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to win on the digital shelf, today announced a new partnership with IndiePet, a nonprofit trade association created by and for independent pet retailers. Through this partnership, IndiePet is expanding its member benefits by offering access to Salsify's innovative Open Catalog, the industry's only product catalog with brand-owned content. IndiePet's Open Catalog, powered by Salsify, uniquely centralizes product content from manufacturer members for retail members, delivering a transformative product information management experience marked by significant time savings, precision, improved convenience and speed.

    “We're always on the lookout for ways to strengthen the independent pet ecosystem and help our members compete effectively with mass online retailers. IndiePet's Open Catalog streamlines communication between manufacturers and retailers, ensuring precise product details and expanding product content reach," said Todd Dittman, Executive Director at IndiePet. "What's more, the IndiePet Open Catalog equips smaller retailers to enhance their e-commerce presence with maximum efficiency. It's a game-changing technology that empowers them with a competitive edge."

    IndiePet's Open Catalog, powered by Salsify, has transformed the management of pet product information, replacing spreadsheet overload with a more efficient, collaborative, and accurate approach. Manufacturers who are IndiePet members can publish their product content to Open Catalog, while IndiePet’s 240 retail businesses representing 1500 storefronts can easily access and utilize this content, simplifying the entire process.

    “Email exchanges and never-ending spreadsheets about product details were cumbersome and inefficient," said Jeremy Barnes, Senior Supply Chain Business Process and Project Manager at Mud Bay.  "Open Catalog is a huge boost to our entire industry and truly does level the playing field for independent pet retailers. In the fast-paced world of pet products, Open Catalog has significantly increased our efficiency and competitiveness – essential elements in today's economy."

    Key benefits of Open Catalog include:

    For Independent Retailers: Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy

    • Data Quality: Bid farewell to error-prone data. IndiePet's Open Catalog ensures product information meets your standards before it reaches you.
    • Reliable Information: Enjoy access to the most up-to-date data directly from manufacturers, ensuring your product pages stay current.
    • Improved Customer Experience: Provide a superior shopping experience with accurate and up-to-date information, cultivating trust and customer loyalty.
    • Focus on Growth: Save time on data management and supplier communications, enabling you to allocate resources for business expansion, customer satisfaction, and exploring new opportunities.

    For Manufacturers: A Hassle-Free Solution for Your Product Information

    • Zero-Cost Registration: Manufacturer members can register and publish product information to IndiePet's Open Catalog at no cost, irrespective of whether you are a Salsify customer.
    • Effortless Publishing: Streamline the sharing of product information with retailers. With a single click, your data becomes accessible to all IndiePet retail members.
    • Data Consistency: Ensure product data consistency across all retail partners, eliminating the risk of outdated or erroneous information.
    • Wider Audience Reach: Expand your market effortlessly by making your product information available to a vast network of retailers through IndiePet's Open Catalog.

    IndiePet's Open Catalog, powered by Salsify, marks a new era of streamlined product information management, empowering manufacturers and retailers in the pet industry to succeed. Recognized as “Product Experience Management Platform of the Year” more than 100 grocery, pet, and alcohol retailers are regularly using Open Catalog to improve their product information management (PIM). Open Catalog is the only product catalog where access is available free of charge to both sides of the equation.

    For more information about IndiePet or becoming a member, please contact Todd Dittman at or visit

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