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    Jens Weller Takes on Key Role as Global Director of GS1 Relations, Elevating Customer Experience and Enhancing GDSN Support

    Salsify increases investments in its platform, people, and partnerships to directly enhance service for global GDSN customers.

    BOSTON – August 23, 2023 – Salsify, the Product Experience Management (PXM) platform empowering brand manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to win on the digital shelf, today announced the promotion of Jens Weller to the role of Global Director of GS1 Relations. This move reinforces Salsify's commitment to providing customers a single, unified platform for all their product experience management needs. GDSN is the dominant technology for communicating supply chain and logistics data, and Salsify's PXM platform includes an integrated GS1 certified data GDSN pool that simplifies and supports omnichannel speed to market. Justin King, VP B2B Strategy at Salsify, serves on the GS1 FoodService Executive Leadership Committee.

    "Jens' extensive experience and impressive background in the GS1 community make Jens the perfect fit for the pivotal role of Global Director of GS1 Relations. However, his role is just one of many steps we are taking to better serve our GDSN customers,” said Ashley Stallings, chief customer officer at Salsify. “Over the next few quarters we will continue to expand our team with a number of regional experts who have an in-depth understanding of the local GDSN ecosystem and requirements. Our goal is clear: to make global product information syndication seamless with top-notch solutions and unmatched support."

    Brands, distributors, and retailers depend on GDSN for data exchange worldwide. Salsify's global activation solution simplifies this process, uniting all content syndication -- including GDSN, "top-off" ecommerce content, enhanced content, and rich media experiences -- functions in a unified PXM platform. Other GDSN data pools tend to be pure play GDSN data pools that are both geographically and categorically focused. As the only PXM platform that unifies GDSN and ecommerce, Salsify improves effectiveness, quality, accuracy, and transparency, while decreasing time to market.

    As part of his new role and responsibilities, Jens will collaborate closely with Salsify's product and customer success teams to guide and support customers through complex market expansion initiatives. Through active engagement with the GS1 / GDSN community, Jens will champion thought leadership and cultivate valuable partnership relationships that align with Salsify's mission to empower businesses to thrive on the digital shelf.

    "As customers or prospective customers seek expansion opportunities, we want to help them more easily scale and enhance their market and revenue opportunities by providing a single platform and support system that supports all their needs," said Jens Weller. "By consolidating the tech stack with a single platform to better serve them, they can not only enjoy efficiency but significant cost benefits and realize they can come to Salsify for all their product and publication process needs."

    With the investment in this strategic role, Salsify aims to strengthen its commitment to customer success by expanding its GS1 certification to additional markets to enable customers to reach a broader range of retail partners worldwide. Global brands benefit from a seamless solution, streamlining the entire syndication process and automating product information publication. This empowers them to excel on platforms like Amazon and various digital selling destinations, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and reach.

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