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    Salsify PXM Premium Support Availability Policy

    The Premium Support package expands on the Standard Support offering by providing a more direct access path to support representatives through our Support Chat feature. Additionally, the Premium Support package provides additional coverage hours, and allows for expedited Custom Readiness Reports and additional Qualified Support Users.

    Support Features Standard Support Premium Support Premium Plus Support
    Self-Service Access to our Online Tools
    Unlimited Support Cases
    Support Availability 9x5 24x7* 24x7*
    24x7 Critical Issues Coverage -
    Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Standard Increased Enhanced
    Live Chat -
    Prioritized Custom Readiness Reports - Up to 2/Year Up to 7/Year
    Technical Account Manager (TAM) - -
    Premium Plus Services - - 6 Hours/Month
    Qualified Support Users Up to 5 Up to 7 Up to 20

    *For Critical issues

    Features Available With Premium Support

    Self-Service Access to Online Support Tools: 

    Access to our learning resources. Includes: 

    • Salsify Training Center - Build Salsify skills and learn how Salsify supports your PXM journey with self-paced training
    • Salsify Knowledge Base - Visit this page for instant access to detailed documentation on all aspects of the Salsify platform
    • Salsify Developer Hub -  Find comprehensive API and webhook guides and documentation to help you start working with Salsify as quickly as possible

    Unlimited Support Cases: 

    Take advantage of an unlimited allotment of Support Cases to utilize our Support team’s expertise to answer your questions on the platform. We are here for you in those critical moments as well as when an article or video is not enough guidance.

    Support Availability: 

    Premium Support will provide technical support to Customers during the following time frame:

    Availability 24 Hours x 5 Days
    Business Hours Customer’s Local Timezone (Severity 2 - 4)

    Salsify’s Business Hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM in the Customer’s local timezone, during weekdays (Monday through Friday), excluding holidays.

    24/7 Critical Issue Coverage:

    With 24 Hour/7 Days coverage, 365 Days per year, our team will be ready to help with any Critical (Severity 1) issues.

    Service Level Agreements (First Reply SLAs): 

    Severity Definition Standard Support
    Severity 1 The Platform is unavailable for all users, or the Platform contains a bug that prevents Customer from executing one or more critical business processes with a significant impact and no workaround exists 1 Hour
    30 Minutes for GDSN and Orders & Inventory*
    Severity 2 The Platform contains a bug that prevents a Customer from executing one or more important business processes. A workaround exists but is not optimal 4 Business Hours
    2 Business Hours for GDSN and Orders & Inventory*
    Severity 3 The Platform contains a bug that may disrupt important business processes where a workaround is available, or functionality is not imperative to Customer's business operations 24 Business Hours
    Severity 4 Non-system issues such as product functionality questions, account configuration questions, or other account requests 24 Business Hours

    *Only available for onboarded Customers of GDSN or Orders & Inventory. For GDSN: Only available for General Availability GDSN regions. 
    Current General Availability GDSN Markets/Regions (as of August 15, 2023):
    United States (US)

    Live Chat:

    Access to Live Chat to provide timely help with small issues. Chat is available during our Support Availability hours. Note, depending on the complexity of the issue, it may not be possible to resolve via Chat.

    Custom Readiness Report: 

    A Custom Readiness Report helps you assess the completeness and suitability of your product data for distribution, through export channels beyond our standard retailer connections and partnerships. Custom Readiness Reports are configured by Salsify upon Customer request. They are built based on specific templates and information provided by the Customer.

    For Premium Support, Custom Readiness Reports will be completed within 7 Business Days.

    Prioritized Readiness Report: 

    Allows you to prioritize Custom Readiness Reports to be completed within 2 Business Days. Premium Support includes up to 2 Prioritized Readiness Reports, per contract year.

    Any Prioritized Readiness Reports are counted against your Custom Readiness Report entitlement.

    Qualified Support Users: 

    Qualified Support Users are authorized Users who are entitled to submit a Case. This entitlement is based on your Support tier. Premium Support includes up to 7 Qualified Support Users.

    Support Exceptions

    Salsify Support does not include: 

    • Writing or troubleshooting any custom code of any programming language - including JavaScript, JSON, and HTML  
    • Providing support for any product issues resulting from a Customer not following use cases described in Salsify’s documentation
    • Producing, or writing net new Formulas
    • Providing assistance with any third-party services (e.g., Microsoft Office products), which a Customer accesses through, or utilizes with the Salsify Platform