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Salsify Premium Plus Support Availability Policy

Salsify’s Premium Support packages are designed to provide a more tailored support experience to our customers. 

The Premium Support packages expand on the standard support offering by providing a more direct access path to support representatives through our support chat feature and on-demand calls. Additionally, the Premium Support package allows for expedited custom readiness reports and additional support contacts.

Support Features

Included with all subscriptions

Premium Plus

Self-Service access to our online tools

Training access

Standard Support SLA

Escalation Channel

Support Chat


Call on demand


Prioritized Custom Readiness Reports



24/7 Critical Issues Coverage


Designated Personnel


Support Chat


Monthly cadence call with quarterly reviews 


Qualified Support Users




Training Access and Self-Service Access to Our Online Tools: All Support plans include access to our Salsify learning resources. Start off with a course series that’s tailored to your role in Salsify by visiting The Training Center. If you run into questions while using Salsify, visit our Knowledge Base for how-to and help articles. If you’re a developer looking to build connections with Salsify, we have a Developer Hub equipped with comprehensive API, webhook guides, and documentation. 

Standard Support SLA: Standard Support SLAs and Support terms and conditions can be found in the governing Terms of Service. 

Escalation Channel: Know your issues will be resolved by having direct communication with our Support Management team. If you need to escalate a particular issue that needs attention, know that it’s in good hands with our team who understands your problems and knows how to fix them. Even if your issue is not urgent but wasn’t handled to your satisfaction, you’re welcome to use this channel as a tool to raise visibility.

Qualified Support Users: Designate who will be in communication with Support. Qualified Support Users will have access to all of the Support plan features according to your plan. (Included with Subscription: 2 Qualified Support Users; Premium Plus: 20 Qualified Support Users).

Features available with Premium Plus Support

Call on demand: Need extra assistance with an issue? Request time with our Support team to help you through it. With Call on Demand, we can coordinate and schedule time to work together on a call or screen share to get through any issues or questions. 

Chat Business Hours: Support Chat breaks down the barriers and gets you the instant help you need with small issues. It’s available during our business hours and can send you back on your way. Note, depending on the complexity of the issue, it may not be resolved via Chat.

Prioritized Custom Readiness Reports: We don’t know what’s urgent for you. Prioritize the creation of custom readiness reports for our team, we’ll help you get it built quickly and on time for up to seven (7) custom readiness reports per year. 

Designated Personnel: Link up with a Salsify Support team member who will know the ins-and-outs of your account and build a relationship with you and your team. When you have issues, they’ll have the context and your usage so that they can make recommendations and solve issues in a snap.

Monthly Cadence Call and Quarterly Support Reviews: Walk through your open support cases with your Salsify expert once a month. You’ll better understand the status of each ticket and will have the chance to lay out any necessary actions to resolve the case. Once a quarter, our team will reach out to have a conversation to give an overview of your activity in Salsify and provide actionable advice to help you better utilize the product. We’ll recommend trainings that will help you sharpen your skills and provide best practices when it comes to working with our Support team. 

*24/7 Support Availability for Critical Issues:  With 24/7 coverage, our team will be ready to help with any critical issues.

*Available early 2020