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    Salsify Product Listing

    Salsify Product Listing enables retail supply chain and commercial teams to quickly and accurately collect all data needed to list a product from a supplier.

    Maintain High-Quality Online Product Data

    • Inaccurate Product Data Can Lead to Operational Risks

      Retailers face many risks regarding inaccurate palletization or storage data, including refused shipments and possible stockouts.

    • Automate the Listing Process for Accurate Product Content

      Onboard to the Salsify SupplierXM platform without direct retailer involvement, accelerating speed to market and increasing scale.

    • Flexible Data Quality Requirements

      Leverage pre-built attribute settings that are in line with industry best practices and the ability to augment these settings to customize data quality control.

    Publish Error-Free Product Data Faster

    • Correctly Publishing Supplier Data the First Time Is Rare

      Retail teams need a way to collaborate with suppliers on reviewing and approving content before it’s ready for publishing. 

    • Build a Collaborative Data Collection and Approval Process

      Accelerate supplier engagement with collaborative features that increase speed to market. 

    • Leverage Collaboration and Scenario-Based Data Collection

      Take advantage of scenario-based data collection to publish products in phases and collaboration tools to revise data before publication.

    Keep Up With Ever-Increasing Data Volumes

    • Automation Is the Key to Scalability

      Legacy product data infrastructures don’t allow retailers to collect product data efficiently due to manual review and validation for each submitted product.

    • Enable Scalability to Grow as Data Volumes Grow

      Use automation tools for managing basic product data, weights and measurements, packaging hierarchies, minimum order information, price waterfalls, and more.

    • Leverage Continuously Adaptive, Automated Data Quality Management Tools

      Take advantage of real-time data quality monitoring and automated data quality controls to ensure that product data can be updated quickly and without manual reviews.

    Driving Success With METRO France

    By accelerating product listing, METRO France put products on shelves sooner and generated more sales.

    “As a former CFO also in charge of IT, the ROI [return on investment] is key for me, and the product listing is already twice as fast. We improved productivity, and it's a big satisfaction!”

    Cynthia Merope
    Offer and Marketing Director, METRO France

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