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    Salsify Content Enrichment

    Salsify Content Enrichment enables retailer teams to collect the high-quality content necessary to optimize ecommerce experiences, including marketing content, regulatory data, rich media, and product attributes.

    Optimize Product Experiences With Suppliers at Scale

    • Inefficient Data Collection Leads to Suboptimal Product Page Experiences

      Many retailers struggle to collect even the minimum product data — sacrificing product page optimization as a result.

    • Increase Conversion Rates With an Automated and Frictionless Supplier Optimization Process

      Leverage a platform built to handle all omnichannel product data, providing retailers with an automated and frictionless supplier onboarding process.

    • Proven Onboarding Methodology

      Benefit from a proven onboarding methodology tested with thousands of suppliers while identifying the right supplier contacts with automated notification tools.

    Enrich With Error-Free Product Data

    • Archaic Data Collection Tools and Decentralized Teams Lead to Error-Prone Brand Experiences

      Legacy infrastructure doesn’t allow retailers to collect product data efficiently, as many retailers have teams using fragmented systems for collecting all the data required.

    • Improve Speed to Market With a Collaborative, Scenario-Based Data Approval Process

      Customize the data-collection process according to different scenarios, resulting in more dynamic publishing options.

    • Leverage Scenario-Based Product Optimization

      Optimize products in phases using a parallel data-collection process so that product pages can be built in stages — not all at once.

    Optimize the Online Customer Experience at Scale

    • Keep Up With Ever-Increasing Product Data Volumes

      In a fast-paced omnichannel environment, retailers must guarantee accurate, high-quality product data across all selling channels with ever-increasing data volumes.

    • Engage With Suppliers at Scale

      Monitor and interact with suppliers throughout the data collection process to track overall data quality with artificial intelligence (AI)-based suggestions that enhance accuracy. 

    • Flexible Data Model

      Keep track of the data-collection process and overall data quality with pre-built attribute settings and AI-based corrections to adhere to industry standards.

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