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    Continuously Drive Performance on the Digital Shelf with Product Experience Management (ProductXM)

    Manage Centralize and manage product content across the entire organization from a single place.
    Activate Activate that content and experiences across any channel fast and easily.
    Engage Engage shoppers with compelling product experiences.
    Optimize Continuously optimize content and product experiences for discovery and conversion.
    How can you expect your teams to work together seamlessly
    if your systems don't?
    We have invested more than $50M in R&D to create a one-stop shop to drive your products to market and win on the digital shelf.
    We call it Product Experience Management (ProductXM).
    $ 0 B
    projected online retails sales of physical goods by 2024
    0 %
    of U.S. retail sales will be digitally influenced by 2023
    $ 0 B
    of retail store sales influenced by smart phones in the United States by 2021

    Product Experience Management Built for Manufacturers

    We originally picked three systems, this one system could do what three others were doing better than they could perform their individual functions.

    Sam Insogna, Chief Digital Officer -The Scylla Group

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