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    Product Information Management (PIM)

    A powerful product information management (PIM) solution helps brands quickly adapt to new customer demands, market forces, and category disruptors.

    Why Do You Need A PIM?

    • Shoppers Demand Engaging Product Information

      As the shopping journey becomes increasingly complex, success depends on delivering compelling product information across every potential digital touch point.

      Success requires a balanced PIM solution. Brands must standardize, centralize, and control core data while giving business teams the autonomy to manage, enrich, and optimize downstream product experiences.

    • Control Product Data to Improve Experience

      Every product detail page (PDP) experience is different, and the requirements are constantly changing. Retailers are continually trying to edge each out and differentiate their experiences for shoppers, and they’re rapidly — without notice — changing their requirements.

      Using the right PIM solution can help simplify your product data management process. Your team can easily locate accurate data whenever you need it and quickly distribute relevant data across channels from a single place.

    Manage Everything About Your Products

    • Upload, Organize, and Manage Product Data Faster

      Leverage the flexible data model and streamlined import process to zero in on the exact data you want to upload or modify. Get data into the platform faster without months of schema planning, massive spreadsheets, or complex data migrations or downtime.

    • Govern the End-to-End Data Lifecycle

      Enforce rules and structure on data to ensure standards are maintained through the entirety of its lifecycle — from creation through review and transformation, all the way to live on a retail endpoint.

    • Automate Data-Management Workflows

      Build complete business processes in Salsify to centrally manage, automate, and govern essential go-to-market activity. Streamline operations and ensure data accuracy is maintained downstream.


    • Adapt Core Data for Every Channel

      Map and transform core product data to each destination’s target schema to ensure content stays consistent and accurate across every channel while adhering to each channel’s unique requirements and best practices.

    • Highly Secure, Multi-tenant Architecture

      Salsify is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and built on software as a service (SaaS)-based, multi-tenant architecture. New capabilities get pushed to you instantly with no downtime or updates required.




    Salsify Product Information Management Benefits

    A Purpose-Built PIM for the Digital Shelf

    Gain Control and Agility

    • Leverage validation capabilities, including attribute-level checks against internal schemas

    • Gain fast data imports that can take place before data governance

    • Get support for multiple data domains, including digital assets, inventory, and customer data

    • Access editable product attribution, validation rules, inheritance rules, and entities

    Turn Insights into Action

    • Share access with sales, marketing, and trade teams

    • Leverage a drag-and-drop user interface (UI) to map business processes

    • Access pre-built workflows to tackle standard business processes

    • Gain connections between external systems and third-party partners

    • Respond in real-time with alerts for internal and external events



    Be Prepared for Every Channel

    • Activate product experiences across channels

    • Navigate channel-specific requirements and the latest retailer schemas

    • Gain one central view for data with validation, versions, and auditing

    • Connect to the entire commerce ecosystem through a single platform

    Coty Leverages PIM to Unlock Efficiency and Growth With Salsify

    Coty utilized Salsify to implement a single source of truth for its product content, enabling the brand to share product content data with its retail partners. These additions created a better brand experience for its customers while also creating a new level of control for its online presence.

    [Salsify] enables Coty’s brands to efficiently plan, create, organize, collaborate, and seamlessly publish content at the right time, to the right touch point with the right messages to drive meaningful engagement with customers and consumers.”

    Eric Long
    VP of Digital Product and Technology, Coty
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