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    Salsify Activation

    Salsify Activation offers the ability to manage, syndicate, and optimize channel-specific product content to create engaging shopping experiences that beat ecommerce algorithms everywhere.

    Build Engaging, Content-Rich Shopping Experiences

    • Consumer Expectations Have Never Been Higher

      Consumer expectations continue to increase — and this won't slow down. Shoppers now have access to more content across an increasing number of channels, and brands need to deliver engaging product experiences on every single one.

    • Engage Shoppers at Every Stage of the Buying Journey

      Transform product pages into full-funnel experiences that build trust and drive conversion. 

    • Centralize Product Content

      Build a central source of truth for all of the product data required to win on the digital shelf, including product images, 360-degree views, videos, content, and inventory. Also, gain automated formatting capabilities to ensure assets will always be delivered in the optimized aspect ratio and size.

    Efficient Product Content Syndication That Reaches Every Consumer Touch Point

    • Keeping Up With Differing Retailer Data Requirements Is Impossible

      Every retailer has different requirements for the product content they need or want from brands — and there isn't a consistent way to submit product content to retailers.

    • Execute Multichannel and Multimodal Syndication Strategies

      Publish product content to any consumer touch point.

    • Syndicate Product Content Everywhere

      Deliver data to endpoints efficiently and accurately — no matter how the endpoint wants to receive data — leveraging our wide range of connections.

    Drive Operational Excellence With an Organized and Collaborative Publishing Process

    • Siloed Data Prevents Brands From Quickly Updating and Publishing Product Content

      Many brands don’t have a solution in place to help them easily publish product data, keep up with retailer changes, or address the needs of their customers.

    • Establish Collaborative and Automated Processes

      Update product content quickly whenever requirements change.

    • Gain Organized and Holistic Publishing

      Update product content in hours — not weeks — with tightly integrated workflow capabilities that simplify the process of collaborating across multiple teams.

    Energizer Optimizes Shopping Experiences at Scale With Salsify

    Learn how Energizer optimizes its customer experience with Salsify.

    “When I first learned about Salsify, I thought it was just to store data. While this is certainly one important aspect, we’ve also discovered that syndication is a huge piece of Salsify’s value.”

    Jordan Rosenbaum
    Associate Manager of Ecommerce Content and Syndication, Energizer

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    The Salsify Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) Platform is the foundation for every Salsify solution. It powers our network of brands and retailers who collaborate to build exceptional experiences that drive digital shelf success.

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