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    Salsify Orders & Inventory

    Salsify Orders and Inventory offers a centralized commerce hub for brands to manage product content, inventory, and sales orders at scale across popular marketplaces, social sites, and ecommerce platforms.

    Ecommerce Inventory Management Across Sites

    • ERPs and Standalone Syndication Tools Aren’t Built for Modern Omnichannel Commerce

      Enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) aren’t designed to manage orders going to individual consumers or send inventory details to new sites with agility. Standalone syndication tools are disconnected from omnichannel product catalogs, resulting in redundant processes to publish to different channels.

    • Rapidly Scale Where You Sell Your Products

      List your products on more consumer sites to directly engage with your consumers. Sell on new marketplaces or social sites without heavy IT investment or manual effort by keeping inventory and product content in the same platform.

    • Direct Connections and Automatic Inventory Allocation

      Let direct connections and automatic inventory allocation do the heavy lifting. Our algorithm distributes available product inventory to optimize top-performing channels and avoid over-selling and stockouts.

    Manage Sales Orders at Scale

    • Orders Can Come in All Shapes and Sizes

      Each site has its own format for orders and supports different actions, including returns, cancellations, and more, making it difficult to manage multiple sites simultaneously.

    • Centralize Where You Manage Fulfillment Details

      Scale your direct fulfillment operations by working in a single solution to review orders and take necessary action. Save hours by managing sales orders and inventory in a single user interface (UI) and taking action quickly to deliver an outstanding consumer experience.

    • Unified Order Management

      Orders from all your sites are standardized into a familiar Salsify format, making it easy to review in bulk across multiple sites and take action quickly. 

    Measure Performance, and Turn Insights Into Actions

    • Reporting Is Difficult, and Insights Are Nearly Impossible

      Getting accurate sales data from multiple sites is incredibly manual. Taking that a step further to understand why sales are trending up or down is nearly impossible.

    • Real-Time Visibility Into Performance

      Quickly visualize sales trends across products and selling channels and take direct action with product information management (PIM) capabilities to improve your product content to maximize sales.

    • Aggregated Sales Dashboard 

      See all sales from your direct selling channels overlaid with brand activities to glean insight into what’s working and what’s not. Then, because you’re already leveraging PIM capabilities, set up a workflow and take action immediately to optimize your product content.

    Watch our demo video to to learn more about Salsify Orders & Inventory.

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    Libbey Captures Sales on Social and Marketplace Channels With Salsify

    Learn how Libbey quickly pivoted into new social commerce and marketplace channels due to its well-managed omnichannel strategy and the support of Salsify.

    “We needed to be on the platforms where consumers would be shopping for our products, and when they found us, we better look good.”

    Ryan Griffith
    Senior Director of Ecommerce, Libbey

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    See Salsify in Action 

    The Salsify Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) Platform is the foundation for every Salsify solution. It powers our network of brands and retailers who collaborate to build exceptional experiences that drive digital shelf success.

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