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    Salsify DTC

    Salsify DTC manages direct-to-consumer (DTC) experiences with purpose-built product information management (PIM) capabilities and connections to ecommerce platforms.

    Manage a Single Source of Truth for 1P, 3P, and DTC Product Content

    • Managing Multiple Versions of Product Content Is Manual and Inefficient

      Product content can and should be re-used across different selling destinations. But when things are disconnected, it’s challenging to take learnings from one selling model to improve product content for another.

    • Single Source of Truth for Product Content

      Re-use, re-purpose, and transform your first-party (1P) product catalog to power your brand-owned consumer shopping experiences. Collect learnings across your omnichannel strategy to improve your catalog to see better results.

    • Omnichannel PIM and Enhanced Content

      Manage and update your product catalog and enhanced content once. Then, leverage it across 1P, third-party (3P), and brand-owned DTC sites.

    Collaborate Across Teams and Satisfy Brand Standards on Product Content

    • Following Brand Guidelines and Teams Being New to PIM Can Be Challenging

      When selling DTC, brands are in charge of the requirements for their product content instead of matching what a 1P retailer requests. It’s critical to have a framework and guardrails to set teams up to successfully manage and optimize product content.

    • Purpose-Built PIM Capabilities

      Structure, govern, and transform product content to deliver consumer shopping experiences to your brand standards.

    • Governance

      Model your data, set up rules and validations, and leverage workflows to set guardrails and promote collaboration across teams.

    Syndicate to Your Ecommerce Platform and Gain Insights From Consumers

    • Integrating a PIM and Ecommerce Platform Can Be Difficult

      Keeping your DTC product information in sync with your master product catalog can be manual. Even worse, it may not be capturing insights from your DTC site, preventing you from using that information to improve your product catalog and your 1P and 3P sales.

    • Gain Unique Insights Into Customer Preferences

      Brand-owned DTC sites allow brands to collect first-party data on their customers, allowing them to better configure products and selling experiences to suit their customers’ unique preferences. Applying DTC learnings to other channels can help accelerate sales.

    • Ecommerce Platform Connections

      No matter which ecommerce platform is powering your DTC site, Salsify makes it easy to syndicate your optimized product catalog to power your consumer shopping experiences.

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