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    Salsify Automated Insights

    Salsify Automated Insights offers powerful, closed-loop product page analytics that allow brands to measure the impact of the product content they syndicate to the digital shelf.

    Content Reporting Enables Optimization for Improved Visibility, Trust, and Conversion

    • Monitoring Product Content for Accuracy and Brand Compliance Is Time-Consuming

      Inaccurate product data exposes brands to risks and dilutes the authenticity of a brand experience on product detail pages (PDPs). 

    • Track and Cross-Reference Content Live on PDPs Against Your Central Source of Truth

      Ensure product content is accurate and sets appropriate expectations for consumers with real-time content comparison to your brand’s central source of truth stored in Salsify.

    • Compliance Reporting 

      Compliance reporting flags where discrepancies exist so brands can address errors quickly and ensure accuracy on product pages.

    • Consumers Rarely Look Beyond the Top Search Results

      Competition is fierce, and retailer algorithms change all the time — making appearing at the top of search rankings challenging. Brands need to ensure search visibility to drive conversion.

    • Measure Product Search Rank Among Specified Keywords

      See where a product ranks among similar products competing for the same search keywords.

    • Share of Search Reporting 

      Identify which search keywords drive the highest search rank and gain insight into which keywords could increase visibility. 

    • It’s Difficult to Distinguish Which Content Performs Well

      Many resources are dedicated to content creation, but it’s often difficult to tell which content is good or bad at engaging consumers.

    • Analyze Product Content Against Conversion-Driving Metrics

      Make informed decisions based on data — not just instinct — to achieve sustained success on the digital shelf.

    • Product Page Grades Reporting 

      Grade product content based on conversion-driving metrics to get guidance on the content that needs to be optimized to engage consumers better.

    Monitor, Manage, and Defend Profitability With Buy Box Reporting

    • Keeping Track of Buy Boxes Lost to 3P Sellers Is Difficult

      Every buy box opportunity lost to a third-party (3P) seller puts profitability at stake.

    • Monitor Which Seller Wins the Buy Box for Every Purchase

      Ensure profitability by monitoring which seller wins the buy box for every purchase.

    • 3P Sellers Reporting

      Ensure brand profitability by actively monitoring which seller wins the buy box.

    • Out-of-Stock or Low Inventory Can Result in Losing the Buy Box

      Having in-stock product availability listed on the product page typically increases the buy box win rate.

    • Track Availability on Product Pages to Know When a Product Is In-Stock

      Reliable availability tracking for product pages enables brands to see when products are in stock and helps them monitor trends over time.

    • In Stock Availability Reporting

      Monitor if a product is in stock or out-of-stock, and track availability trends over time to take action to prevent future low inventories.

    • When Retailers Drop Prices Below the Minimum Advertised Price, It Cuts Into Margins

      Brands need a way to monitor minimum advertised price (MAP) violations to defend their profitability.

    • Monitor Pricing Data Across Retailers to Track How the Market Is Trending

      Identify when prices drop below the MAP and take appropriate action to protect profitability. 

    • MAP Reporting

      Monitor pricing to identify which retailer was the first mover, which helps brands address MAP violations and reduce margin erosion.

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