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    Salsify Digital Catalogs

    Salsify Digital Catalogs offers the ability to share customized, always up-to-date sets of products with internal and external users in a secure and user-friendly way.

    Digital Product Catalogs That Are Always Up to Date

    • Product Catalogs Are Difficult to Keep Updated

      Product details constantly change, making it difficult to provide accurate information for field sales and customer support teams.

    • Seamlessly Share Digital Catalogs Directly From Your PIM

      Download customized product catalogs directly with product information management (PIM) capabilities using the most up-to-date information.

    • Leverage a Single System of Record With Salsify Digital Catalogs

      Ensure product details automatically stay up to date with digital catalogs that are always in sync.

    Customize Product Catalogs for Distributors

    • Different Catalog Users Have Different Needs

      Different teams need to access different sets of products. Without an organized solution, it can be challenging to keep track of who needs what.

    • Customize Product Catalogs for Any Audience

      Organize product details under property groups. Catalog viewers will only see the property groups you have selected for them to access.

    • Customizations and Locales for True Global Data Management

      Product catalogs can be configured for unique audiences around the world using in-app customizations and localization.

    Create Customized Product Portals

    • View, Search, and Filter Products

      The search bar lets users search by item number or keyword. Filters can then be used to narrow to a granular group of products. 

    • Make All Types of Content Accessible 

      Digital product catalogs can contain high-resolution images along with other critical product information.

    • Set Up Custom Exports

      Exports can be added to the catalog for product information and digital assets. You can include different information from what you show in the catalog.

    Rawlings Boosts Operational Efficiency With Salsify

    Learn how Rawlings used Salsify Digital Catalogs to ready its 130-year-old brand for ecommerce.

    “With digital catalogs, Rawlings sales reps now have a much easier way to grab images and send them over to customers. More and more customers are getting the images themselves, freeing up the sales reps’ time.”

    Jessica Hendrix

    Director of Digital Marketing, Rawlings
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