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    Activate High-Performance Product Experiences on Every Channel

    Manage, publish, and adapt product experiences at the speed and scale required to win across the digital shelf.

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    Continued performance growth requires an ongoing, coordinated effort

    Some treat product experiences as simple syndication — moving data in spreadsheets or portals across the internet in a "set it and forget it" approach. That does not work on the digital shelf.

    Digital shelf requirements constantly change  — shoppers demand engaging experiences, retailers update requirements, distributors increase digital demands, and your competition is not standing still. 

    continousloop-1To win, your brand must use these changes as an opportunity to embrace new channels and adapt your story based on continued learning.  To do this, you need a platform that can store, manage, and transform content as well as deliver it everywhere — accurately and channel-ready. 

    Salsify helps you centralize, activate and optimize product experiences across the digital shelf — so you can thrive amid market changes to repeatedly win. 


    Salsify empowers your organization 
    to adapt to realities of modern commerce

    High Touch 
    Increasing market demand for data requires time-consuming manual intervention and customization.
    Siloed systems across retailers and channels slow down and obstruct execution of an omnichannel content strategy.
    Outdated or non-optimized systems require manual supports and vendor customization.

    High Speed 
    Improve resource efficiency and effectiveness with consistent ways of working that are supported by system agility and automation

    Adopt a globally scalable, omnichannel solution in order to operate with the right balance of autonomy and coordination across your entire ecosystem.

    Seamlessly onboard and transition resources onto an easy and consolidated way of working despite increasingly complex and dynamic landscape. 

    Salsify Activation Benefits

    Manage brand
    experiences effectively
    A centralized system to store, adapt, deliver, and optimize your product content.
    Speed time to market
    and expand revenue opportunities
    A repeatable process for creating, adapting, and publishing accurate content to every channel.
    Tell your brand story and win customer loyalty Efficiently manage and deliver above- and below-the-fold content to maximize product page storytelling opportunities across all of your products.
    Respond to market changes to
    continuously win
    Modernize your tech stack and enable business transformation with an integrated, extensible, and highly secure cloud-based platform.

    Brands improve speed to market,
    channel-readiness, and sales
    with Salsify.

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    Reduce the average time to market from 180 days to 2 weeks across 20+ channels
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    Achieve 97% content accuracy across 700 channels — a 3X increase in productivity
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    Increase dollar share by 13% with updated below-the-fold content

    Salsify's CommerceXM platform was built for brands

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