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Work at the speed of ecommerce.

"In ecommerce, there are no limits. Salsify helps us take the fastest possible advantage of this opportunity."

Yoram Weinreich, CEO, Simpli Home



Speed, power and flexibility - Salsify has everything you need to deliver content that performs on the digital shelf.

Product Information Management Features

In ecommerce, one size does NOT fit all. Leave the “golden data” to your MDM or ERP system. We’ll take that data, content and anything else you have, and help you craft the consumer experience you want. For any channel you sell through.


Import data from anywhere, for anywhere:


Salsify lets you import any data or media, enrich it in place, and then validate it against the requirements of any external endpoint that exists today or appears tomorrow. 


"Before Salsify, to gather product information, we had to open 3 different databases. Now, we can go to one database and get all the information in one place. In addition, completing customers' requests for info in spreadsheets has cut down the time from hours to just minutes. It's a time saver."
Verena B. Sr. International Marketing Manager

Model your data for any use case:

Unlike traditional PIM platforms where updating product information requires an IT project, with Salsify you can add attributes on the fly and update your data in a matter of clicks.  Product content for commerce can be clearly separated from operational “master data”, so you can create versions of the truth that meet the needs of any retailer. You can easily manage relationships between products, set up variants with flexible inheritance and override content at the child level.

"Salsify has allowed us to structure our data in a far more useful way.”

Sally Vandegrift Yeast Vice President, Customer Experience & Analytics, Rawlings

View products by channel:

Easily view your product data through the lens of each channel’s requirements to make sure you’re optimizing for the consumer experience they are striving to create.

Zero in on the exact data you need:

Salsify’s powerful search engine allows users to quickly locate product content with user-friendly keyword searching. Looking for something more specific? Salify’s filters allow you to zoom in on the specific criteria you need and can be saved as a smart list for future use.


Optimize data quickly:

Powerful data transformation tools like our bulk editor, enhanced content templates and builder, and our excel-like computed properties capability lets you create and change data values on the fly across any set of products or your entire product catalog.

"Speed to market is the biggest problem that Salsify has solved. We're also capturing more sales due to increasing the speed and efficiency of getting our products up on customer's sites."

Jocelyn S. Ecommerce Sales Manager, WestPoint Home

Digital Asset Management Features

Words may tell your story, but it is your rich enhanced content that brings it to life. Access all your approved digital images, videos, user manuals, buying guides etc. in a single, trusted location. This allows your teams to automatically transform and distribute assets for any use.


Enhance files with powerful metadata:

On import, Salsify automatically creates metadata for the most important categories to power your search. In addition, you can easily add custom values as well. Then all this rich data is available for publish to any retailer channel.

Automatically transform your source files for any use:

Every channel you publish to has different requirements. Before Salsify, managing these requirements was a manual task. Now, Salsify allows you to dynamically crop, watermark, recolor, rename, change file type, resize, and/or rotate your digital images one at a time or in bulk.

"The transformation of data to easily export it however each retailer needs it. Whether it's making high res images into low res or the ability to rename multiple images based on a rule. I also LOVE your team... they are responsive, creative, smart and a pleasure to work with."

Pamela A. VP of Ecommerce, Alex Brands

Share approved assets with your internal and external teams:

Easily share groups of original or transformed images, PDFs, videos, layouts, and presentation files with internal and external teams.

Distribute assets easily:

With our lightboxes, quickly share groups of original or transformed images, PDFs, videos, layouts, and presentation files with internal and external teams.


Salsify is the only platform that can publish A+ content to Amazon in bulk. Using Salsify, you can reuse enhanced content assets, scale below-the-fold usage, and improve conversions across Amazon and Walmart.

Workflow Orchestration

Product experience management is a team sport. Our workflows will never leave you wondering what to do next to improve product page performance, or what task is keeping your product off the digital shelf.

"This software is extremely powerful, we find new ways to use it to support our digital marketing and eCommerce site management each week. Dynamic lists of products that power alerts and workflows have reduced the time it takes to manage many manual processes."

Rachel P. Director of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Strategy

Go directly from insights to action:

Drive assignable, measurable performance improvement tasks to your teams generated directly from Insights.

Put control in the hands of the business:

Define and revise ever-changing business processes using user-friendly configuration interfaces that don’t require waiting for IT.


Orchestrate and track all aspects of delivering product experiences to consumers in a single platform:

Our fully-documented API makes it easy to collaborate with external partners on automated content creation and translations, creative work, campaign creation, and endless other possibilities.

Guide your business teams:

User task lists make it obvious exactly what work needs to be done each day and users can easily move from task to task without losing their context.  

Channel Readiness

In today’s world, some retailer requirements can change in a matter of minutes. Let Salsify keep up with the changes for you, and then view your products’ readiness for every channel with a click, and get your content faster to market than ever before.


Be ready for any channel:

Never wonder again if your content will meet your retailers’ requirements. Evaluate readiness for individual products for each channel, preview content in its transformed version, and easily identify and fix errors in the data in a view as familiar as Excel. Measure the completeness of your product content, identify gaps in information, and make the changes needed to publish to any endpoint.

"My favorite aspect of Salsify is the ability to quickly see what information is missing from a given product. The image tools are also very powerful. Salsify devs are constantly working on the features that are likely to be used by our company and they often anticipate needs."

Adam M. VP, Ecommerce JS Products Inc.
Meet the requirements of any retailer.

Own product refreshes:

With our publish status audit trail, you can quickly filter to recently updated products to trigger a publish to improve the consumer experience with the latest content.

Global and Enterprise-Scale Capabilities

Manage governance globally while preserving local relevance. Salsify empowers business users across your global organization and agency partners without sacrificing the user controls and data security that HQ cares about.


Manage security down to the attribute level:

Control which properties and products users are authorized to see and edit. Detailed audit history gives business users visibility into who changed what when. 

Enjoy global governance with local control:

With Salsify’s multi-organization architecture, perform strict centralized oversight while giving regional teams and local markets the power to optimize content for their consumers.

"We are creating a consistent, brand, legal, regulatory approved presence across the web with the help of Salsify."

Jordan S. Sr. Manager, eCommerce Marketing Strategy, Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Unleash the power of users across your ecosystem:

Whatever the size of your organization, Salsify scales to deliver value across ecommerce, sales, marketing, creative agencies - whoever is critical to improving your performance on the digital shelf.

“Salsify is not just a great tool for our dot com business, but a great tool for the whole organization.”

Leonard Ortega Director of Ecommerce, Califia Farms

Rely on a secure and available platform:

Salsify has successfully completed Service Organization Control [SOC] 2 Type I and Type II attestation engagement reports, providing independent validation that the company's internal security controls are in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' applicable Trust Services Principles and Criteria. In addition, we support SAML 2.0 based Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations. Read the full details of our security and reliability measures


Connect to regional content distribution networks:

Wherever your team is working with regional content distribution networks, data pools, or traditional item setup sheets, Salsify can increase your speed to market by connecting to any geo-local preferred service. Salsify connects to MyWebGrocer, GDSN, Brandbank, Alkemics, and more to support the distribution of core product content to coalition retailers.