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The industry’s broadest syndication ecosystem. Built for change.

“Salsify really takes the burden off of the supplier.”

Ram Rampalli, Global Head of Content Acquisition, Walmart


Syndication at scale with your retailer partners is critical to building and protecting your brand online. It ain’t easy, though. Every single retailer in the world requires different information from you to power their unique consumer experience. Their content requirements are constantly changing.

How can you keep up? Salsify.

Broadest Ecosystem:

We enable connections to your entire commerce ecosystem, supporting your entire retailer network, internal data systems, and external tech partners. Click on the image below to see our complete list of supported retailers.


The answer to “do you support my retailers?” should always be yes. Search for your retailer connections using our interactive tool.

Syndicate through the industry’s most extensive retailer ecosystem:

We have invested heavily in making sure you can deliver your ecommerce content to any retailer or endpoint you want, while meeting their latest requirements. We have a dedicated team whose full-time job it is to make sure we can get your data where it needs to be to drive your business. That translates into hundreds of retailer requirement updates every single month. 

“[Salsify’s] ability to create channels massively simplifies the process of syndicating content to different websites and internal systems.”

Sebo Dapper Managing Director, J Perkins Distribution

Use enhanced content to control brand expression:

Salsify is the only platform that can publish A+ content to Amazon in bulk. Using Salsify, you can reuse enhanced content assets, scale below-the-fold usage, and improve conversions across Amazon and Walmart. Learn more

Connect to data pools and other partner networks:

No matter what other data pools and syndication connections you use in your category, Salsify delivers. We maintain connections with GDSN, Brandbank, ItemMaster, Alkemics, and many others. 

Accelerate the Flywheel:

The Command Center for Amazon identifies the daily risks and opportunities across your product portfolio and defines the actions you should take to come out on top. Learn more

Connect to your other systems:

We can connect to your entire commerce ecosystem, including your ERP or MDM system, reviews sites like Bazaarvoice, translations partners like Translations.com, commerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, data pools like GDSN, or analytics platforms such as Clavis Insight. We have designed Salsify with an open API-based architecture to simplify and streamline your feed management.

"Before Salsify, to gather product information, we had to open 3 different databases. Now, we can go to one database and get all the information in one place."

Verena B. Sr. International Marketing Manager, Hamilton Beach Brands Inc.

Empower your agency partners:

If you have agencies you work with to build your content, make them a part of your Salsify team for seamless, streamlined collaboration.


Utilize an open API architecture:

The answer to “can your platform work with…” should always be yes. We have built Salsify from the ground up with an open API architecture to allow us to interact with any open system. If it’s a closed system, get us the data any way you can, and you can get it in.


Choose the technology leader:

First to automate with Walmart. First PIM to certify for GDSN MR3. First 3rd-party software to send A+ Content to Amazon on behalf of brands. First to automate with Overstock, first to automate with Instacart… you get the point. When you partner with Salsify, you are signing up to join us at the forefront of syndication innovation industry-wide.

Data You Control:

Getting data in is half the problem. Salsify solves the other half as well, with at-a-glance readiness reports to quickly show how that new data meets the unique requirements of every endpoint you publish to.

Digital Catalogs:

Put product content right into the hands of the internal teams and long tail retailers that need it to drive sales.

Control what product content is syndicated:

Easily choose which products and attributes should be included in each digital catalog so viewers can view and download the content they need.

“Salsify is really intuitive. To onboard a retailer takes about a 15 minute conversation.”

Vikesh Dalel Sr. Dir. of Global eCommerce & Digital Marketing, John Hardy

Align each catalog with your brand:

Align each catalog with your brand standards by choosing a splash and logo image.


Empower sales teams with downloadable order forms and sell sheets:

Instantly download spreadsheet-based order forms and sell sheets based on whichever products a viewer selects.

“[We] Love the ability to create a product catalog and bookmark it on my mobile device for fast searching and sharing of content.”

Peter D. Digital Demand Activation Manager, GOJO Industries

Track digital product catalog use:

Generate detailed statistics about the utility and effectiveness of your catalogs within your own Google Analytics account.