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    Drive Agility and Action with Digital Shelf Analytics

    Continuously monitor market activity to optimize product experiences and respond fast to market changes.

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    Better insights, better ranking, better sales.

    You need data from across your organization to inform your commerce strategy. But gathering reports from marketing, sales, customer service, and external sources is just the beginning.

    To truly improve performance, you need a system that enables your entire team to act on that information. Salsify Insights enables brands to respond quickly and efficiently to new changes in the market and drive performance across the digital shelf.

    Buy Box Insights

    Insights Buy Box-1-1

    Defending Your Profitability

    Guarding the buy box is a daily battle to ensure that your products are available, sold at the right price by the right party, and fulfilled on time. Long-term success depends on detecting buy box changes and taking action.

    Defend your brand from 3Ps, competitors, and retailers with Salsify's buy box insights:

    MAP Violation Tracking
    to identify compliance violations
    Buy Box Seller Tracking
    to see who’s winning the buy box
    Historical Price Monitoring to see “first movers

    Content Insights

    Product Report

    Improve Your Digital Shelf Experiences

    Data-driven investment in product experiences help you gain visibility, win sales, and drive customer loyalty over time. To juggle all of the potential optimizations across your full catalog of SKUs and channels, you need actionable reports that you can address at scale.

    Ensure your content is continually optimized with Salsify's content insights:

    Brand Compliance Reporting to verify content accuracy against your source of truth
    Product Content Grading to evaluate your PDPs against best practices
    SEO Keyword Recommendations to improve search rank and discoverability
    Share of Search Tracking to understand where you rank against the competition

    Review Insights

    workflow dashboard

    Enhance Your Customer Experience

    Every review has information that can also help you understand your customers better. Salsify Reviews Insights allow you to see customer feedback in the context of a product page so you can optimize that content to drive conversion, fix manufacturing defects or logistical problems, and incorporate feedback to improve new versions of products

    Respond to customer feedback with Salsify's reviews insights:

    A unified dashboard
    to see trends in customer sentiment
    Reviews in context
    with your product page content to inform update decisions
    Streamlined response
    to Amazon Reviews via workflows
    Data exports
    to expedite sharing across traditionally siloed portals

    Badger Basket: Small Team, Big Impact on the Digital Shelf

    Using Salsify, this small team proves that, with the right combination of people, technology, and process, any size company punch way above their weight class on key channels such as Walmart, Amazon, and Wayfair.

    Before Insights, it was a very time consuming, manual process to track and review product performance. That process has been completely eliminated with automated Insights reports, saving us hundreds of labor hours per year.

    Sara Logan, Ecommerce Operations/PIM & DAM Manger - Badger Baskets

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    Sara Logan shares her experience with Salsify. See how partnering with Salsify can make the difference.

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