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    Salsify Partner Solutions

    Salsify Partner Solutions offers the industry's best network of service and global partner solutions providers with essential solutions for driving digital shelf and omnichannel commerce success.

    Sustain Success on the Digital Shelf

    • Embrace New Operating Models

      Sustained success on the digital shelf requires adapting to changing best practices, modernizing ecosystems, and new technological investments.

    • Guidance To Grow While Driving Operational Excellence

      Achieve your digital shelf objectives with Salsify Partner Solutions, the industry leader in solving the most complex business problems.

    • Exclusive Partnership Segmentation and Tiering

      From industry and location to technology and strategic expertise, Salsify partners differ on a wide range of parameters, allowing them to align programs to each customer's unique digital shelf objectives.

    Architect for the Digital Shelf

    • Technology and Business Strategies Are Increasingly Interwoven

      Technology choices can either limit or amplify the strategic options that a brand has for achieving digital shelf excellence.

    • Manage Digital Shelf Complexities

      Manage the complexities of the digital shelf and product data with the support of our experienced partners.

    • Gain Tech Stack and Consumer Experience Alignment

      Align tech stacks to the consumer experience with the support of Salsify and our implementation partners, further ensuring the alignment of applications, architecture layers, data, and business objectives.

    Growth and Operational Excellence

    • Measure Success on the Digital Shelf

      Customers are often challenged with measuring ongoing success and growing while demonstrating operational excellence.

    • Gain Strategic Program Management

      Measure success and pivot investments on complex initiatives that span people, processes, and technology with partner support.

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    The Salsify Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) Platform is the foundation for every Salsify solution. It powers our network of brands and retailers who collaborate to build exceptional experiences that drive digital shelf success.

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