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    Salsify GDSN

    The Salsify Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) data pool offers the ability to manage and syndicate GDSN operational data alongside other product data and marketing content within a single platform.

    Publish To Data Pools More Efficiently

    • Traditional GDSN Data Pool Providers Have Fallen Short

      Brands have been priced out or overcharged for traditional GDSN services due to the creation of specialized, isolated data pools.

    • The Salsify CommerceXM Network Centralizes Product Data Into a Single, Unified Platform

      Unify online and offline product data with fully integrated product information management (PIM) capabilities and a GDSN data pool custom-built for the digital shelf.

    • Exchange Data With Any Trading Partner

      Batch send product data to trading partners, ensuring the consistent delivery of more accurate data.

    Publish Error-Free Product Data

    • Data Must Be Consistent, Accurate, and Complete

      There are high costs if data is inaccurate. A quarter-inch height error, for example, could lead to 1,000 fewer cases per truckload, 20 fewer cases per pallet, and a need for six more trucks than necessary, according to GS1 calculations. Source: GS1

    • Leverage a GS1-Certified Solution Provider

      The Salsify GDSN data pool is certified by GS1, ensuring it meets GS1 standards and has been tested to have interoperability within the GDSN. 

    • Salsify GDSN Utilizes Industry-Leading Syndication Services

      Take advantage of built-in readiness reports that can be customized for any endpoint, ensuring high data quality and accuracy that meets the needs of global trading partners.

    Manage Data Transfers Without Technical Dependencies

    • Relying on IT for GDSN Data Transfers Can Delay Product Updates

      Legacy GDSN data pools are slow and difficult to update, resulting in stale product data and less efficient resource allocation.

    • Decrease Data-Management Time and Costs

      Marketing and master data teams can publish to data pools without relying on technical resources.

    • Trigger Automated Data Transfers

      Automate delivery to GDSN on a daily schedule for GDSN actions like item loads, item registrations, and hierarchy linking.

    Moen Builds a Streamlined Approach to GDSN To Improve Efficiency and Transparency

    Learn how Moen uses Salsify GDSN to manage its relationships with several trading partners that require GDSN without relying on IT for the data transfers.

    “Salsify has given us a lot of visibility and agility into item status. Everyone across the team knows which actions to take next and isn’t waiting on IT.”

    Andrea Brenneman
    Digital Commerce Content Manager, Moen
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