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Why the Open Experience Alliance?

Digital shopping is on a path towards offering each consumer the individualized experience at each point in their journey. In a world where market share and margins are under constant attack, brands and retailers can no longer collaborate on product experience once a season. We need to communicate at the speed of commerce.

This reality demands a change in how product content and performance data is shared and managed between brands and retailers. It must be:

  • Fast - products need to get to market in days, not weeks or months
  • Bidirectional - brands will optimize content when they know what works
  • Open - connections cannot be intermediated by any forced third party
  • Personalized - standardized data is undifferentiated and therefore of small value
  • Immersive - richer content better engages consumers

This is the shared vision of the OXA: a commitment to creating the ecosystem that will power the digital shelf with the speed, flexibility, and ultimately the individualization the consumer demands.

The OXA Manifesto

  1. The path to success on the digital shelf requires intense collaboration between brands and retailers to create the shopping experiences consumers demand.
  2. This cannot happen without an open and direct line of communications between the two that enables rapid exchange of optimized product content and performance feedback.
  3. That ecosystem must allow brand manufacturers to use their preferred technology to deliver product content to any retailer. Walled gardens built with proprietary relationships or retailer tolls inhibit speed and collaboration.
  4. To realize this vision, brand manufacturers across every category must join forces to inspire action by their retailer partners for the benefit of all.
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What does the OXA do?

The members of the OXA work together with leading retailers to present a compelling call for the investment in the people, process, and technology to enable seamless, rapid content collaboration.

How do we do it?

  1. Conversations
    Through conversations started by a united action. Bringing the most powerful brand voices together with their key retailers to discuss the critical power of collaboration. The combined voice of the brand manufacturers and the shared vision with retailers start conversations that leads to consensus. Continued conversations lead to action.
  2. Education
    The OXA provides educational content intended to provide members with best practices guidance and specific case studies of successful retailer and brand collaborations.
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Progress to Date

13 letters to leading retailers. 300 Signatures. Progress underway at 12 retailers.

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History of the OXA

The Open Experience Alliance was founded in 2017 when a small group of visionary brand manufacturers, frustrated with the pace of content collaboration, approached the founders of Salsify and asked how they might encourage change on the part of their key retailer partners. With the first letter and 4 signatures, which led to a new integration, the OXA was born.

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