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    A workflow is a series of tasks — often outlined by role — that a person or team needs to complete to reach a targeted goal.

    What Is a Workflow?

    Ecommerce businesses rely on various workflows to succeed. These include workflows in their supply chain to get and sell products; marketing workflows to promote the brand and its products to consumers; and operational workflows that enable teams to work efficiently. Each workflow is a sequence of tasks that must be completed to reach a goal.

    An inventory workflow, for example, might include the manufacturer building the product, a warehouse storing the product, the transportation team moving the product, the retailer selling the product, and the consumer receiving the product. Each of these main stages of the workflow, however, includes several sub-workflows that teams need to accomplish to get the product from one stage to the next.

    With dozens of various workflows happening at once, businesses can easily get kinks in their workflows that slow operations. Using software to automate and track workflow performance can help optimize this process.

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