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    Product Experience Management (PXM)

    Product experience management is a method brands use to deliver the right content, when and where it is needed, to drive sales, build loyalty and grow market share.

    Product experience management defined

    The rise of digital technology has shifted more power into the hands of shoppers. Now, audiences increasingly crave niche products that are personally relevant to them. They shop along a long tail of products and you must respond with a virtually unlimited assortment. What’s more, shoppers expect personalized, convenient shopping, and seamless product pick up or delivery. Successful brands surpass these expectations to delight consumers with the most relevant and compelling product experiences throughout every shopper’s journey.

    Salsify helps brands deliver the right product experience across the full commerce ecosystem in order to grow market share. It starts with compelling product content that is continually optimized for success using data-driven insights. Then, that content is delivered rapidly throughout the commerce ecosystem to create the relevant experiences consumers demand. Finally, the experiences must be continually measured with actionable insights and re-optimized as the digital landscape changes.

    Here's how Salsify's Product Experience Management Platform works.


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