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    A+ Content

    A+ Content is Amazon’s rich media content that lives below the fold on product pages and can include additional product descriptions, copy, dimension, imagery and video.

    What is A+ Content?

    Rich media impacts product performance in two ways. First, by creating a stronger and relevant product page, brands can expect stronger sell-through rates. According to Amazon, A+ can increase sales on average 3% to 10%.

    In addition to telling a better brand story and improving click-through rates, A+ content helps improve your product search rank as well. The rich media capabilities of A+ helps brands immediately in two ways:

    1. Improving conversion rates (which indirectly improves Amazon page rank).
    2. Boosting overall search rank (which improves traffic, and thus overall rank and performance on Amazon).

    Salsify’s Enhanced Content capability provides brands selling on Amazon pre-built templates for A+ Content that speed up ecommerce team’s ability to build out enhanced content for scale. Leverage A+ Content to increase conversion, provide more in-depth product descriptions and branding. By using Salsify’s Enhanced Content templates within our single source of truth, brands can pull digital assets, product copy, work with cross functionally, and syndicate to Amazon all in one place.

    Here's how Salsify's Product Experience Management Platform works.


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