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    Data Feeds

    A data feed is a way of sending accurate and up-to-date product information.

    What are ecommerce data feeds?

    Product data feeds makes it quick and easy to load information about thousands of products to a website. If you’re a merchant, manufacturer, or supplier, product data feeds make it possible for you to send comprehensive and accurate data everywhere your customers shop. You need product data feed management that can flexibly adapt to the variety of requirements from each endpoint.

    Salsify helps brands easily deliver the product content and data feeds that are right for each retailer — in the manner in which they want to receive it. By removing the onerous process of formatting and delivering data, we let you focus on merchandising and improving content to get to market quickly and increase your sales. Salsify provides at-a-glance readiness reports to quickly show how that new data meets the unique requirements of every endpoint you publish to.

    Here's how Salsify's Product Experience Management Platform works.


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