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    Website Personalization

    Website personalization is the process of providing unique elements and experiences tailored to individual website visitors rather than offering the same features to a broad audience.

    What Is Website Personalization?

    Faced with countless websites and ecommerce experiences, today’s consumers look for convenient options that directly connect to their personal needs and desires.

    That’s why website personalization can be a boon for businesses looking to drive traffic and increase conversions on their sites. These businesses can personalize their websites by serving recommended content based on a user’s previous reads, offering similar products based on past purchases, customizing offers to shoppers based on their browsing history, and more.

    Before they can personalize their websites, however, businesses must use analytics to understand how their consumers are engaging with the website and products. Some also conduct consumer research to understand the demographics and needs of their various customer groups.

    One challenge of website personalization is managing multiple user experiences and backend data. Segmenting customers into more manageable groups based on their demographics and engagement histories can help businesses stay organized when personalizing their websites.

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