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    Voice Search

    With voice search, a user speaks into a device, such as a compatible smartphone, app, or search engine, and the device answers the question or completes the command.

    What Is Voice Search?

    Voice search enables users to ask questions, state commands, or search for things via their voice. 

    After the user speaks into a compatible device, the device completes three major steps: First, it processes the speech and translates it into text. Second, it analyzes the text for key phrases or terms. Finally, it uses those key terms to find information from data sources. After that, the device offers the user an answer to their inquiry.

    For voice search to work, the user has to speak into a compatible device, which could include a smartphone, an app, a search engine, a smart home device, a smart speaker, a smart TV, or even a smart vacuum cleaner. 

    As a crucial part of the convenience economy, voice search-enabled technology allows users to get answers to their questions quickly and efficiently.

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