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    Virtual Shopping

    Virtual shopping is an online experience where customers browse and shop for products through an ecommerce website or platform.

    What Is Virtual Shopping?

    Virtual shopping is about more than buying products online. It’s a process that mimics the in-store shopping experience by giving customers the ability to interface with staff and explore products before they make an online purchase.

    When a business enables virtual shopping systems through their ecommerce site, customers can chat directly with a staff member, seamlessly browse products, and explore the details of a product before buying.

    In some cases, virtual shopping even allows customers to virtually try things on, such as clothing or eyeglasses, or get recommendations from experts in the space.

    Virtual shopping brings convenience to consumers and traffic to businesses. Virtual shopping has several benefits in today’s digital economy: It can add a human touch to the online shopping experience, strengthen a business’ omnichannel shopping system, and boost customer retention and engagement.

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