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    Units Per Transaction (UPT)

    Units per transaction is a retail sales metric that indicates the average number of products consumers purchase in each transaction.

    What Is Units Per Transaction (UPT)?

    To ensure they’re bringing in the highest amount of revenue possible, businesses calculate several metrics that help them diagnose problem areas and optimize sales initiatives. Units per transaction (UPT) is one such metric, which tells the business the average number of items consumers purchase in any given transaction.

    Businesses can calculate units per transaction (UPT) by selecting a particular time period (a day, week, or month), then dividing the total number of items purchased in that period by the number of transactions.

    Understanding this metric is key to optimizing sales efforts: The higher the units per transaction, the more items customers purchase in each transaction — which usually results in more revenue for the business. 

    Moreover, if that number rises or declines over time, the business gains insight into the success of their marketing and sales initiatives. With this information, teams can adjust their sales efforts to encourage consumers to purchase more products.

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