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    Tracking Cookies

    Tracking cookies are data files that connect with a user’s device, follow them as they move between websites, and collect data on their visits.

    What Are Tracking Cookies?

    Cookies are data-filled files that enable users, websites, and businesses to collect and store information for future use. Typically, cookies work on a per-website basis, allowing users to save their information for that website on that website. Tracking cookies, however, are particular kinds of cookies that work across and between websites.

    These cookies track users as they move from one website to the next and gather data on their clicks, search history, and shopping interests. To set this kind of tracking cookie up, businesses typically partner with third-party analytics tools or vendors. The vendor enables the tracking cookie, and the business can use the collected data to create targeted marketing initiatives.

    With this information, businesses can craft personalized ads that connect directly with consumers’ interests and product needs. As data privacy concerns increase, however, it’s important for businesses to ensure their cookie practices are aligned with local and federal regulations.

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