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    Digital Shelf

    The digital shelf is the collection of diverse and rapidly evolving touch points that shoppers use to engage with brands and discover, browse, and purchase products.

    What Is the Digital Shelf?

    The modern shopping journey — from discovering a product to purchasing it — is non-linear, random, and happening all the time. It’s also evolving at a rapid pace. And it all involves the digital shelf.

    Consumers today discover, research, and shop for products using digital experiences across various online channels. No matter where they buy — be it a retail store, from a social influencer post, or on an ecommerce site — consumers are constantly creating their own personalized, digitally influenced journeys.

    To win conversions, businesses need to control, monitor, and constantly refine their digital shelf. When consumers shop in brick-and-mortar locations, they ask representatives for information about items and engage with them heavily before purchasing.

    Ecommerce businesses that replicate this experience on their digital shelf win. Creating a cohesive brand presence across customer touch points, providing detailed product information, and giving consumers ways to interact with products online all contribute to winning the digital shelf.

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