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    Supplier Experience Management

    Supplier experience management is the practice of ensuring a business’ suppliers have the resources and processes in place for a successful, frictionless working relationship.

    What Is Supplier Experience Management (SXM)?

    The supplier experience refers to how a supplier feels about a working relationship with a business. It begins as soon as a business and supplier connect and build as the two parties continue working together.

    Supplier experience management is the practice of creating conditions that foster a healthy, mutually beneficial, and streamlined relationship between a business and a supplier.

    There are several ways a business can manage their suppliers’ experiences, including creating smooth workflows and processes; using organizational systems to manage supply chain processes and expectations; and removing friction points within the relationship.

    By using a supplier data management system, for example, businesses can centralize and organize information, streamlining processes that might otherwise be cumbersome to suppliers.

    A poor supplier experience can cost both parties time and money, so managing the supplier experience with the right technology, tools, and communication is important.

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