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    Split Testing

    Split testing is the process of creating and distributing two drastically different versions of something and evaluating which version was more successful.

    What Is Split Testing?

    Split testing is similar to A/B testing, as both involve creating two distinct versions of a webpage, web element, headline, subject line, or another marketing element, then evaluating the success of both to determine which better connects with users and consumers.

    In A/B testing, however, the differentiated elements might stay relatively similar, such as changing the color or location of a call-to-action (CTA). Split testing, on the other hand, often involves changing versions more drastically, such as including a CTA on one version and not on another.

    In both tests, businesses would develop different versions, distribute them randomly among an email list or consumer base, then monitor user interaction with that element to see which measured best against established goals.

    With this information, businesses can make more informed marketing decisions and better tailor their materials to their customers’ preferences.

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