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    Showrooming is when a consumer enters a brick-and-mortar location to assess a product before purchasing the product online through an ecommerce platform.

    What Is Showrooming?

    While consumers have increasingly been purchasing products online, some want a hands-on look at an item before buying. Showrooming is the practice of looking at a product in-person before purchasing online, and it can be helpful in these cases, especially for items like clothing that typically need to be assessed for fit and feel.

    It’s also common for consumers to showroom when purchasing expensive products requiring a more significant financial commitment.

    Showrooming can be a detriment to some brick-and-mortar retail operations, but some retailers are embracing the trend by creating easy-to-use ecommerce pathways via mobile apps or websites.

    Shopping in-stores allows consumers to evaluate a product, compare products, and look around for the best possible price for a product. By carrying a product in-stores, but offering a small discount or free shipping for the product online, retailers can guide consumers through the showrooming process to purchase online.

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