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    Shoppable Video

    A shoppable video is an ecommerce media asset that allows consumers to click on and purchase products directly within an animated or live video.

    What Is a Shoppable Video?

    The shoppable video fulfills two demands of the modern shopper: convenience and engagement. By allowing consumers to click on products via interactive links embedded in the video itself, the shoppable video offers them a convenient way to learn about and buy items through the media they prefer.

    Shoppable videos also provide an engaging, dynamic way for brands to capture consumers’ attention and showcase products. This is especially important for exclusively ecommerce brands, since consumers don’t have access to the item to assess its look and feel in person. The video gives them a way to see the product in action, which can boost their confidence.

    Shoppable videos also typically include product demonstrations, related products, and ways to browse products within the video. In addition to providing easy ways for consumers to buy products, these videos also build brand awareness and loyalty — especially when they’re posted on channels consumers frequently use.

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