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    Server-Side Testing

    Server-side testing is the process of evaluating aspects of a website or webpage on the backend before going live to a public-facing audience.

    What Is Server-Side Testing?

    Server- and client-side testing are two ways of evaluating the efficacy of a website, webpage, or particular element. While client-side testing is public-facing and analyzes website visitors’ usage of or engagement with a specific website element, server-side testing occurs on the backend web server.

    The most common form of both tests is the A/B test, wherein a developer or creator makes two versions of an element, then evaluates which version performed best against established goals.

    Conducting server-side A/B tests allows a business to evaluate the user experience, design, and implementation of a website element without disrupting visitors’ interaction with the site. It’s also a good way of testing how something works, such as key features or algorithms, before putting it in front of users.

    Because it prevents disruption in the user experience, server-side testing is often conducted on important website elements, such as buttons or above-the-fold content.

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