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    Rich Product Content

    Rich product content is text, imagery, and enhanced content — such as videos or interactive tools — brands use to attract, engage, and capture consumer attention.

    What Is Rich Product Content?

    Most brands with an ecommerce presence use some sort of product content, such as product descriptions, prices, or dimensions, to engage customers. Rich product content, however, pushes these materials to a new level by comprising highly visual — often digital — dynamic assets designed specifically to engage and retain customer attention and drive consumers to convert.

    Rich product content is all about creating an expansive and immersive experience for customers. While describing a product in text can be helpful, showing someone using the product in an engaging video is far more likely to enable the customer to see themselves using the product.

    Videos, images, and interactive content all work to give customers as close to an in-person shopping experience as possible, which is particularly important amid a highly saturated retail landscape filled with intense competition. Organizations that provide consistent, brand-aligned rich product content across their sales channels are sure to win.

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