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    Purchase Anxiety

    Purchase anxiety is a psychological effect that occurs when consumers are hesitant to buy a product, primarily because they know little about it.

    What Is Purchase Anxiety?

    Many consumers experience purchase anxiety before making big-ticket purchases or when buying something that they haven’t yet seen in person. 
    For this reason, online shoppers tend to feel purchase anxiety more commonly than in-stores shoppers. Online consumers are often nervous about product quality, payment security, and brand connection.

    There are many things ecommerce businesses can do, however, to combat purchase anxiety and help consumers make informed, confident purchases. Adding and managing reviews online, for example, gives consumers real-life feedback that can inform their purchase. 

    Offering easy ways to reach customer service, such as through chat, can help consumers get answers to their questions before making a purchase.
    Providing detailed, up-to-date product information is crucial to helping ease purchase anxiety, as it gives consumers details they would otherwise get from shopping in-stores. 

    Including product videos and images that allow consumers to see the products before buying also helps significantly.

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