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    Product Presentation

    A product presentation is a formal introduction about a product or category of products that a business gives to potential customers, investors, or other market stakeholders.

    What Is a Product Presentation?

    Having a great product is one thing, but helping consumers understand the product is another thing entirely. A product presentation can help, as it involves outlining a product's key features, benefits, and capabilities to potential customers or investors.

    The most critical part of a product presentation is explaining what the product is and how it works. After building that foundation, businesses can expand to discuss how the product meets a customer's need, how it solves a particular pain point, and how it will fit within the current market or product category.

    Businesses can deliver product presentations in person in a focus group or conference, or they can share their presentation on a website to drive online traffic. A strong product presentation can help a business gain a leg up on its competition by winning over segments of customers, garnering investor trust, or conveying a brand story.

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